Class yii\apidoc\helpers\ApiMarkdown

Inheritanceyii\apidoc\helpers\ApiMarkdown » cebe\markdown\GithubMarkdown
Uses Traitsyii\apidoc\helpers\ApiMarkdownTrait, yii\apidoc\helpers\MarkdownHighlightTrait
Available since version2.0
Source Code

A Markdown helper with support for class reference links.

Property Details

$blockTranslations public static property (available since version 2.0.5)

Translation for guide block types

public static array $blockTranslations = []
$headings protected property
protected $headings = []
$renderer public static property
$renderingContext protected property
protected $renderingContext null

Method Details

applyToc() protected method (available since version 2.0.5)

protected void applyToc ( $content )
getHeadings() public method (available since version 2.0.5)

public array getHeadings ( )
return array

The headlines of this document

parse() public method

public void parse ( $text )
prepare() protected method

protected void prepare ( )
process() public static method

Converts markdown into HTML

public static string process ( $content, $context null, $paragraph false )
$content string
$context yii\apidoc\models\TypeDoc
$paragraph boolean
renderHeadline() protected method

protected void renderHeadline ( $block )
renderLink() protected method

protected void renderLink ( $block )
renderTable() public method

Add bootstrap classes to tables.

public void renderTable ( $block )
translateBlockType() protected method (available since version 2.0.5)

protected void translateBlockType ( $type )