Class yii\console\Markdown

Inheritanceyii\console\Markdown » cebe\markdown\Parser
Uses Traitscebe\markdown\block\FencedCodeTrait, cebe\markdown\inline\CodeTrait, cebe\markdown\inline\EmphStrongTrait, cebe\markdown\inline\StrikeoutTrait
Available since version2.0
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A Markdown parser that enhances markdown for reading in console environments.

Based on cebe/markdown.

Protected Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$escapeCharacters array These are "escapeable" characters. yii\console\Markdown

Protected Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
renderCode() Renders a code block. yii\console\Markdown
renderEmph() Renders empathized elements. yii\console\Markdown
renderInlineCode() Renders an inline code span `. yii\console\Markdown
renderParagraph() Render a paragraph block. yii\console\Markdown
renderStrike() Renders the strike through feature. yii\console\Markdown
renderStrong() Renders strong elements. yii\console\Markdown

Property Details

$escapeCharacters protected property

These are "escapeable" characters. When using one of these prefixed with a backslash, the character will be outputted without the backslash and is not interpreted as markdown.

protected array $escapeCharacters = ['\\''`''*''_''~']

Method Details

renderCode() protected method

Renders a code block.

protected string renderCode ( $block )
$block array
renderEmph() protected method

Renders empathized elements.

protected string renderEmph ( $element )
$element array
renderInlineCode() protected method

Renders an inline code span `.

protected string renderInlineCode ( $element )
$element array
renderParagraph() protected method

Render a paragraph block.

protected string renderParagraph ( $block )
$block string
renderStrike() protected method

Renders the strike through feature.

protected string renderStrike ( $element )
$element array
renderStrong() protected method

Renders strong elements.

protected string renderStrong ( $element )
$element array