Class yii\db\conditions\InCondition

Available since version2.0.14
Source Code

Class InCondition represents IN condition.

Method Details

__construct() public method

SimpleCondition constructor

public void __construct ( $column, $operator, $values )
$operator string

The operator to use (e.g. IN or NOT IN)

fromArrayDefinition() public static method

Creates object by array-definition as described in Query Builder – Operator format guide article.

public static $this fromArrayDefinition ( $operator, $operands )
$operator string

Operator in uppercase.

$operands array

Array of corresponding operands

throws yii\base\InvalidArgumentException

if wrong number of operands have been given.

getColumn() public method

public mixed getColumn ( )
getOperator() public method

public string getOperator ( )
getValues() public method

public yii\db\ExpressionInterface[]|string[]|integer[] getValues ( )