Final Class yii\db\PdoValue

Available since version2.0.14
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Class PdoValue represents a $value that should be bound to PDO with exact $type.

For example, it will be useful when you need to bind binary data to BLOB column in DBMS:

[':name' => 'John', ':profile' => new PdoValue($profile, \PDO::PARAM_LOB)]`.

To see possible types, check PDO::PARAM_* constants.

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__construct() PdoValue constructor. yii\db\PdoValue
getType() yii\db\PdoValue
getValue() yii\db\PdoValue

Method Details

__construct() public method

PdoValue constructor.

public void __construct ( $value, $type )
getType() public method

public integer getType ( )
getValue() public method

public mixed getValue ( )